Introduce yourself.

Include the most relevant professional experience.
Mention significant personal achievements or awards.
Introduce personal details.
Use a casual and friendly tone.


Self Love Quotes

Self-love is the best love.
Be your own kind of beautiful.
You are your own priority.
Fall in love with taking care of yourself.
Self-love is the key to a joyful life.
You are enough, just as you are.
Your love for yourself sets the standard for others.

It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep,
than a sheep at the head of an army of lions.
The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf wont get much sleep.
A living dog is better than a dead lion.
Judge Douglas, if not a dead lion for this work, is at least a caged and toothless one

Iam a Six Body

Abs for days, pizza for lunch.
My six pack brings all the boys/girls to the yard.
Shoutout to my abs for making an appearance today.
Abs: The secret ingredient to a confident selfie.
I flex, you double-tap.
Warning: These abs might cause envy.

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